# mm+ | swarovski timeless vienna

Swarovski Timeless Vienna

Vienna/Austria/2016 – 2017

The flagship store of Swarovski in the Austrian capital, "Swarovski Kristallwelten Store Vienna", features a permanent exhibition about the 120 year tradition of Swarovski. The showcases – conclusive inside the walls that are covered with a shimmering fabric – present historic highlights from stage design, haute couture and other branches of the internationally renown crystal glass producer. With the black felt inside the showcases and the mirrored glass the exhibits seem to float in the air. Only the illuminated parts of the sparkling objects are visible through the glass. The showcases are grouped around the Cascade, the signature luster of Swarovski. The Cascade is reflected many times within the Timeless area leading to a magic atmosphere in midst of the flagship store.