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Swarovski Kristallwelten

Wattens (Austria)/2014 – 2015

Swarovski Kristallwelten (Crystal Worlds) is the museum of the Tyrolean luxury crystal gemstones manufacturer that has significantly contributed to jewellery and fashion design as well as stage design and props since 1985. In the course of this visitor magnet’s enlargement merz merz has planned and designed the area of the company history (Timeless), the Crystal World’s foyer and an archaeological exhibition in the outdoor area. Much like discovering a cave, the visitor enters the Crystal World’s first “Wunderkammer” (chamber of marvels). The corridor’s ceiling and walls are covered in gold leaf and create a pulling effect through its tapered shape and its indirect lighting control. After passing through the different chambers of marvels of internationally known artists, the visitors arrive at the Timeless area in the last room of the Crystal Worlds. This area shows the company history and some of the most famous objects that Swarovski has designed for opera and film. The exhibition is divided into three parts - Roots, Treasures and Elements. The first part tells the company history and the main brand themes, the second part shows important works of famous designers and the third part focuses on subsidiary companies such as Swarovski Optik, Tyrolit Schleifmittel and Swareflex. Exiting the chambers of marvels into the extensive parkland, the visitors encounter archaeological finds that have been discovered and exposed in the course of the Crystal Worlds’ extension works. Two outdoor display cases show the precious and scientifically informative findings – over 700 roman silver coins, ceramic remains and jewellery. The display cases, which are made of corten steel and glass, give information about early settlement structures in the Inn Valley.