Rottenburg/2015 –

Sülchen is a deserted site, a forsaken place that was inhabited between the 3rd and the 13th century. The church that was probably built in the 6th century and overbuilt again and again is still there today. Since 1868 the Sülchenkirche has been used as a burial place for bishops by the diocese Rottenburg-Stuttgart. Maintenance measures have exposed fragments of walls that probably date back to roman times. Additional archaeological excavations have revealed artefacts whose role as grave goods give information about the local history as well as the profane and religious life since the early medieval times. While projections of the local and the sacred building’s history are shown in the apse of the church, two exhibition spaces coated with rammed clay and right next to the bishops’ burial places display the archaeological finds. Each exhibition unit (apse, exhibition spaces, burial places) follows their own timeline. Together they create a tour of 1800 years of local and ecclesiastical history.