# mm+ | »luther! 95 people – 95 treasures«

»Luther! 95 People – 95 Treasures«

Lutherstadt Wittenberg/2015

The national special exhibition »Luther! 95 People – 95 Treasures«, on the occasion of Luther’s 500th anniversary, comprises with its two parts a key aspect of German cultural history. Its time-transcending approach reveals the continuing relevance of Martin Luther for today’s discussion about topics such as life, believe or authorities. The exhibition can on one hand be seen as the result of an intensive (cultural-) historical and religio-historical research, on the other hand it is touching topics of high subjective relevance. The exhibition should therefore not only aim to familarise visitors with the life and works of Luther, but it should also encourage them to reflect about their own ideas and beliefs and invite them to discuss with each other.   These two perspectives come together in the exhibits that can be observed in their respective aesthetics and auratic impression, as well as in their quality as historic testimonials. The exhibits’ effect takes therefore centre stage – by means of precise lighting, a regulative yet open and airy space concept, an independent graphic layer that nevertheless clearly refers to topic areas and exhibits, as well as a clear colour scheme.