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Museum Wattens

Wattens (Austria)/2014 –

Wattens, located in the Inn valley is a magical place – a place combining various time and semantic layers. The documentation of natural and cultural history dates back far beyond our Christian calendar. A settlement history proven as far back as the ice age and a (pre-) industrial tradition dating back to medieval times have left their marks in Wattens. Today, internationality stemming from the global success of Swarovski, a company originating in Wattens, gets mixed with these marks. The various historical layers make the village with its less than ten thousand residents a special place. Its personal, political, economic and cultural stories can be read as symbols of greater socio-historical connections. The exhibition concept for this local museum combines the human environment with the nature of the Inn valley. Perspectives on the homeland develop from the interaction of the village’s stories and the alpine climate, its flora and fauna. Important archaeological artefacts are placed next to everyday objects of the village life, testimonies of industrial history next to private treasures. A cooperation with the University of Innsbruck will turn the museum into an ongoing research project, whose results are presented in temporary exhibitions.