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Breitscheidplatz Memorial


The attack at Breitscheidplatz, close to Kaiser Wilhelm Memorial Church, divided the life of many people in Before and After. Twelve people died, many were injured. The day engraved itself in the collective memory. The attack challenged the society's openness and tolerance.

A crack runs through Breitscheidplatz, a crack that is filled with a golden bronze alloy. The wounds of the attack are visible, but simultaneously are healed. In the opening ceremony of the memorial the families of the victims put a symbolic part of gold into the alloy. The ritual meaning of gold transcends the boundaries of nations and religions.

The names of the victims are embedded into the risers of the steps. The letters of the names fill in a blank space that was engraved into the stairs. Like the crack the letters symbolize both cut and continuation, break and unity, loss and remembrance. The names of the victims are forever connected with the place.