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Place of Remembrance Olympia Assassination


The Olympia assassination of 1972, where 11 Israeli athletes were killed, provides in its brutality and historically drastic action an epochal break. The significance of this event can not be grasped by a mere juxtaposition of facts. The commemoration of the victims would perish. It is rather a poetic concept that does justice to the complexity of the incident, than overwhelming the visitor with information. To evade the illusion of a “neutral” location for the place of remembrance, and to respect the epochal break that continues to have an effect, the site should be overwritten like a palimpsest. While the place of remembrance of the assassination is to be clearly recognisable as such, it should at the same time integrate itself in the environment in a manner that does not disturb the existent framework of the Olympia Park. The suggested concept turns the place of remembrance into a clearing between Olympia stadium and Olympic village, slightly set back from the slope and embedded in the trees of the park. The chosen spot establishes the presence of all reference points (Olympia stadium, Fritz König’s monument, Connollystrasse); it is in the midst of the Olympia Park without being too exposed. The clearing opens up a space hosting 11 freely arranged steles that are placed underneath a cloud of translucent rods. On these rods, biographies of the victims can be read. A closer look shows media elements that are embedded in the ground at five points and display further information and archive material on the assassination.