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CI SKD – Dresden State Art Collections


Dresden State Art Collections (Staatliche Kunstsammlungen Dresden, or SKD) are a network of 14 distinct institutions that all have different tasks and audiences. Unlike other museum associations the SKD has formed from a nucleus: the royal art chamber of 1560. It is not a partnership of convenience, but the members are linked by history. 

For an invited competition merz merz has developed a corporate identity for SKD. The aim was to emphasize the correlation of the SKD with its 14 institutions and thereby enhance the visibility of each member. The SKD’s identity is to be subtly legible throughout. Diversity and unity of the different institutions do not have to be opponents. In fact, merz merz has thought of them as a team.

«Manifold is not only what has many parts, but but also what is folded in many ways.» (Gilles Deleuze: The fold. Leibniz and the baroque)

Manyfold as in diverse, spoken in terms of Leibniz, the process of perception forms the folds of the monad. The monad is thus lined with folds. The subject itself is organized through external folding. The inner folds of the 14 institutions combined with the external ones of the SKD make up the SKD cosmos. The ensemble can be perceived in each individual institution and vice versa.