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BBT Infopoint

Franzensfeste/Fortezza, Italy/2013 – 2017

Brenner Base Tunnel (BBT) is one of the biggest European infrastructure projects. While it is built, it is mainly invisible. When it is finished in 2025, it is only visible to the travelers that use the new high speed connection between Germany, Austria, and Italy the BBT provides. The BBT Infopoint shows the cultural, technical and geological significance and characteristics of the tunnel project to a broad public.

The duality of culture and nature forms a leitmotif for the exhibition. Since millenia, the Brenner Pass connects cultures. To understand its history and its specific ecological conditions is crucial to understand the significance of the Brenner Base Tunnel. The design of the exhibition is integrated into the structure of the unique spaces of the Franzensfeste fortress. Every exhibition room follows the same principle taking up the repetitive style of the fortress.