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Barenboim-Said Academy

Berlin/2012 – 2016

The Barenboim-Said-Academy awards scholarships to teach young musicians in the spirit of the West-Eastern Divan Orchestra. Music and philosophy are the central aims of the academy – both disciplines that enhance international understanding. The former magazine building of Berlin’s State Opera was converted to accommodate rehearsal facilities and classrooms as well as a concert hall, which was planned in association with Frank O. Gehry. The industrial charm of the historic high-bay warehouse is maintained. All new interventions are clearly visible as such. The building equipment is centralised and placed in the attic story. In doing so, the preservation regulations of both building and surroundings was met. In addition, the building’s infrastructure was minimized. Cableways and ducts are integrated organically into the historic building stock. The stage machinery for the concert hall is entirely redesigned to meet the needs of a modern and efficient operation.